Our 10 Favorite Items From The New Anthropologie & Nordstrom Collab


I say dream because it really was like living in a fairytale the whole time. It was the trip of a lifetime and honestly some of my favorite days of my whole entire life. But this is really just the bare bones of the trips, so go to the individual Travel Diaries linked below under each day , to see the full descriptions and our opinions of the activities, restaurants, and resorts.

I include tips throughout every travel diary, but my first major tip is that we used a driving company, Jack the Driver , to pick us up and drive us to each location throughout our stay.

Our 10 Favorite Items From the New Anthropologie & Nordstrom Collab

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10 Favorite Fall Winter Essentials - Nordstrom, theweddingguide.eu, LV, and more!

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Our 10 Favorite Items From The New Anthropologie & Nordstrom Collab

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Our 10 Favorite Items From the New Anthropologie & Nordstrom Collab pallenberg, kate

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Our 10 Favorite Items From the New Anthropologie & Nordstrom Collab

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New the Anthropologie Collab 10 & Nordstrom Our Items From Favorite

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By recently I mean they are mostly from current season and though I'm not much into trendy clothing, but still ... I really should mix things more and get more combinations out of them.

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Our 10 Favorite Items From the New Anthropologie & Nordstrom Collab