Kentucky Senate Hears Bill To End Child Marriage


February 01, When she became pregnant at age 10 by the deacon, she was taken out of school, forced to marry him and had five more children with him before she was able to obtain a divorce. For decades, Johnson, 58, remained voiceless about her past, cycling through two more abusive relationships.

But in , spurred by a desire to make sure what happened to her would not happen to any other child, she began to push lawmakers in Florida to close the loophole that allowed her marriage to be recognized by the law. Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access.

Kentucky Senate Hears Bill to End Child Marriage

Aly Raisman suing U. Olympic Committee, USA Gymnastics over sexual abuse The bill's supporters have said underage marriages most often involve a teenage girl marrying an older man and may have involved sexual exploitation of the girl. Adams, in an interview, declined to say who was lobbying against the bill other than to say it involved people concerned about parents' rights.

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Kentucky Republicans Kill Bill to Limit Child Marriage for One Monstrous Reason

Sometimes there is an age limit. Sometimes it requires a parent's approval. Sometimes it requires a judge. But, in almost every case, it's an underage girl and a grown man.


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Kentucky Senate Hears Bill To End Child Marriage

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Kentucky Republicans Kill Bill to Limit Child Marriage for One Monstrous Reason

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The OP..... Kentucky Senate Hears Bill to End Child Marriage have

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Kentucky Lawmakers Approve Law Allowing Pedophiles To Marry Children

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Kentucky Senate Hears Bill to End Child Marriage

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Senate approves bill to end child marriage in Kentucky

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End Marriage Senate Hears Bill to Kentucky Child

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Kentucky Senate Hears Bill to End Child Marriage