Justin Hartley Gave A “This Is Us” Worthy Speech At His Sister’s Wedding


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Justin Hartley Gave a “This Is Us” Worthy Speech at His Sister’s Wedding

From Esquire Justin Hartley already knew his This Is Us character was polarizing, but a recent encounter really brought home how much audiences are split on Kevin Pearson. There are a lot of reasons you might feel this way about Kevin in the early episodes of This Is Us. In a show full of exceptionally - sometimes unrealistically - good people, Kevin is the closest thing to an anti-hero.

Justin Hartley

Share There have been plenty of surprises on This Is Us. But none more so than Kevin's shocking revelation that he was once married to his childhood sweetheart. Tonight's brand new episode, titled "I Call Marriage," explores the theme of marriage in its all its beauty and ugliness, from Kevin's desire to reunite with his ex-wife and Kate's young engagement to Toby, to Jack and Rebecca's big day and possible marital strife between Miguel and Shelly.

For Kevin, attempting to start anew with Sophie played by Alexandra Breckenridge marks a new beginning for the former Man-ny star.


Season two of This Is Us has been an intensely sad one , much more bitter than sweet: There is dancing and love and there is cake. We deserve the cake. The great Ka-Toby wedding is finally upon us. Everyone seems the appropriate amount of stressed.

Justin Hartley Gave A “This Is Us” Worthy Speech At His Sister’s Wedding

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Justin Hartley

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Believe Justin Hartley Gave a “This Is Us” Worthy Speech at His Sister’s Wedding Java okay, not

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Justin Hartley Gave a “This Is Us” Worthy Speech at His Sister’s Wedding Gail Elliott, Isabelle

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Justin Hartley Channeled ‘This Is Us’ To Give Speech at His Sister’s Wedding

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Justin Hartley Channeled ‘This Is Us’ To Give Speech at His Sister’s Wedding

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Justin Hartley Gave a “This Is Us” Worthy Speech at His Sister’s Wedding

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Sister saw Justin Hartley Gave a “This Is Us” Worthy Speech at His Sister’s Wedding Hilfiger

Justin Hartley Channeled ‘This Is Us’ to Give Speech at His Sister’s Wedding

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Sister’s Worthy Is Hartley Justin Wedding Speech His “This a Gave at Us”

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Justin Hartley Gave a “This Is Us” Worthy Speech at His Sister’s Wedding

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