• Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal Welcome Their Second Child, Who Will Someday Blow Us All Away

    Lin-Manuel Miranda And Vanessa Nadal Welcome Their Second Child, Who Will Someday Blow Us All Away

    This year, Hamilton took home 11 Tony Awards, a predictable but exciting sweep that highlights how important and resonant the musical is on and off Broadway. As someone who has yet to see the show but knows the cast album inside and out, the idea that I may never get to see Hamilton with most of its original cast is upsetting. Thankfully, the cast album can serve as a document of how tremendous this collection of performers was..

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  • A Traditional Indian Wedding in Tuscany!

    A Traditional Indian Wedding In Tuscany!

    So couples wanting to create that special memory are choosing to tie the knot abroad, with weddings taking place on secluded beaches or on top of mountains, or, in the case of people picking Italy for their wedding destination, amid enchanting scenery and historic architecture. Picture a warm afternoon in Sorrento, the perfume from flowering verbena hangs in the air as a gentle breeze dances between the arched pillars surrounding The Cloister of San Francesco: This had me thinking, if you want to get married in Italy, why not adopt a few of the Italian traditions to add to your experience..

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  • Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Are Engaged

    Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf And Cody Nickson Are Engaged

    Cody appeared shocked and stunned by his team's victory, and he was thankful Jessica was able to complete the final plane-building task of the entire race by herself before the other two teams. On her way to the finish line, Jessica cried tears of joy. During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World that took place after the finale, Jessica and Cody talked about their The Amazing Race victory as well as their love life..

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