• A Stunning Spanish Garden Wedding and Pool Party

    A Stunning Spanish Garden Wedding And Pool Party

    By playing up the darker jewel tones and switching out the pastel color, it also works well for winter and fall. Amethyst bubble tumblers play up the jewel tones in the tablecloth, while crimson tapers and fresh bloom terrariums complete the fresh garden look.

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  • Princess Eugenie Reportedly Has to Reschedule Her Wedding Because of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

    Princess Eugenie Reportedly Has To Reschedule Her Wedding Because Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

    As we discussed  last week , we'll be breaking down all the latest updates from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as they gear up for their May 19 wedding, as well as how the rest of the royal family is preparing for what's sure to be the biggest event of the year. We've got plenty to talk about, so let's kick things off once again with an update on how many more days we have to wait for Meghan and Harry to say "I do" at St.

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  • The Best Lip Products Brides Need for Perfectly Kissable Lips by Their Wedding Day

    The Best Lip Products Brides Need For Perfectly Kissable Lips By Their Wedding Day

    Having thin lips has become a small insecurity of mine recently with the new Kylie Jenner lip trend coming out, but thankfully, there are tutorials for me to line my lips like a pro. I found the best, easy lining tutorials how to perfectly look like we have natural big lips. There are so many parts of this beauty trend I can try using different make up products because you can line your lips without lip liner, use a lip gloss, or do everything a lipstick.

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  • Justin Hartley Gave a “This Is Us” Worthy Speech at His Sister’s Wedding

    Justin Hartley Gave A “This Is Us” Worthy Speech At His Sister’s Wedding

    From Esquire Justin Hartley already knew his This Is Us character was polarizing, but a recent encounter really brought home how much audiences are split on Kevin Pearson. There are a lot of reasons you might feel this way about Kevin in the early episodes of This Is Us. In a show full of exceptionally - sometimes unrealistically - good people, Kevin is the closest thing to an anti-hero..

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  • What Maternity Leave Looks Like When Youre a Sitting Senator

    What Maternity Leave Looks Like When Youre A Sitting Senator

    Today a gentleman who reads my blog and who happens to be white, was telling me how surprised he was at some of the comments from African Americans how does he know their race. I knew that black people aren't monolithic, and that we are full of surprises. But his question got me thinking:.

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