Heres What George Clooney Gave Amal Clooney For Her Birthday


Play Video She implored Iraq and the world's nations: Getty Images Advertisement But a number of headlines seemed to focus elsewhere: And her daffodil-yellow dress and matching coat. Oh, and in case anyone forgot, she's married to Hollywood movie star George Clooney.

Heres What George Clooney Gave Amal Clooney for Her Birthday

As she celebrates her 40th birthday, we look back over her catalogue of wardrobe hits and glean 40 valuable fashion lessons that anyone can take on board The human rights lawyer is a big fan of London boutique William Vintage and has worn several pieces from the house. Amal Clooney wears William Vintage 2.

Amal Clooney's special gift to 'Birthday Boy' George Clooney

George Clooney turns 56 with surprise birthday party

They met — and she met his parents. This was definitely a big step for a first date. George's parents Nick and Nina were actually the first ones to meet Amal, and Nick said he knew from their first meeting that George and Amal would be together. She was obviously very charming, gorgeous and so clearly accomplished, but by the time we had supper that night, it was clear there was a kindness to her and an inclusiveness.


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Heres What George Clooney Gave Amal Clooney For Her Birthday

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George Clooney turns 56 with surprise birthday party

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George Clooney Gave Gift Amal Clooney for Her Birthday

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There Heres What George Clooney Gave Amal Clooney for Her Birthday regret getting the

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EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney Is Ready for Amal's Birthday: 'I've Got It All Planned Out'

The nicest man in showbiz: George Clooney gave 14 friends $1million dollars each

  1. And there is still not one ISIS militant who has faced trial for international crimes anywhere in the world.
  2. They established The Clooney Foundation for Justice in to advocate and donate to causes they care about.
  3. Amal Clooney wears Maison Margiela Couture
  4. Oh, and in case anyone forgot, she's married to Hollywood movie star George Clooney.
  5. Pick a power suit Whether with trousers or pencil skirts, Amal is someone who understands the impact of coordinated tailoring.

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Amal Clooney hosts surprise birthday bash for George Clooney, and the cake is the highlight

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Amal Clooney hosts surprise birthday bash for George Clooney, and the cake is the highlight

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September 2013: They met — and she met his parents.

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September 2013: They met — and she met his parents.

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Amal Clooney is helping George lean into middle age with a custom birthday cake


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Heres What George Clooney Gave Amal Clooney for Her Birthday

Amal and George Clooney reveals twins' very first words

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Information Heres What George Clooney Gave Amal Clooney for Her Birthday Victoria Abdul don't

Here’s What George Clooney and Amal Did for Her Birthday

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Birthday Clooney Amal Heres Her for George Clooney What Gave

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Sorry, still taking this in! What a beautiful eulogy written by Anna. I must say other than her immeasurable conribution to fashion imagery and her global view of fashion in general, I've also been impressed with her charitable efforts in Africa and the Middle East. Here she stood unrivaled next to her peers.

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Heres What George Clooney Gave Amal Clooney for Her Birthday

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