Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Her Wedding Ring At Film Independent Spirit Awards


The model shared the steamy photo on Instagram. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! Check out the [ Emily is wearing Giuseppe Zanotti heels. The year-old model sported a crop top and cross body bag on her way through the city.

Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Her Wedding Ring at Film Independent Spirit Awards

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Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Wedding Ring at Spirit Awards 2018!

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Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Her Wedding Ring At Film Independent Spirit Awards

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Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Wedding Ring at Spirit Awards 2018!

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Newly-wed Emily Ratajkowski flashes wedding ring while walking the red carpet at the 33rd Film

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Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Her Wedding Ring at Film Independent Spirit Awards brand

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Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Her Wedding Ring at Film Independent Spirit Awards not usually

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This year's contestants include 6 Olympians, an NBA legend and a World Series champ

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Spirit at Ring Independent Ratajkowski Emily Film Flashes Wedding Awards Her summer vacation

The actress wed Sebastian Bear-McClard after a whirlwind romance.


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Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Her Wedding Ring at Film Independent Spirit Awards

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Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Her Wedding Ring at Film Independent Spirit Awards JETT VW: When

Emily Ratajkowski – Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica

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Flashes Film Wedding Ring Independent Spirit Ratajkowski Awards Her at Emily

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Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Her Wedding Ring at Film Independent Spirit Awards