Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf And Cody Nickson Are Engaged


This season of The Amazing Race touted a group of teams that had a range of relationships and notoriety. Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf had only met each other four months beforehand in the Big Brother 19 house before starting the race together. When the teams landed in Iceland to begin the race, Cody and Jessica were able to prove to both the other teams and the viewers what they were capable of.

Though they left in first, they discovered very quickly how important navigation is to success, as their misinterpretation of the pit stop clue allowed Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak to sneak into the top spot on the podium.

Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Are Engaged

Cody appeared shocked and stunned by his team's victory, and he was thankful Jessica was able to complete the final plane-building task of the entire race by herself before the other two teams. On her way to the finish line, Jessica cried tears of joy. During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World that took place after the finale, Jessica and Cody talked about their The Amazing Race victory as well as their love life.

'The Big Brother' stars Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf got engaged just in time for Valentine’s Day

‘Big Brother,’ ‘Amazing Race’ stars Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf engaged

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Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf And Cody Nickson Are Engaged

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‘Big Brother,’ ‘Amazing Race’ stars Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf engaged

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Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are the ones to watch on this season's 'The Amazing Race.'

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Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Are Engaged went

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Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf Speak On Big Brother & The Amazing Race At Le Petit Four 1.5.18

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‘Big Brother’ Stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Are Engaged! See the Sweet Proposal

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‘Big Brother’ Stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Are Engaged! See the Sweet Proposal

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What happened during the finale?

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What happened during the finale?

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further Race Engaged Big and Stars Amazing Are Graf Brother Jessica Nickson The Cody & cant

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Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Are Engaged

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Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Are Engaged think

'Big Brother' Star Cody Nickson Has One Stipulation When It Comes to Marrying Jessica Graf

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Graf Engaged Nickson Race The Cody & and Are Amazing Stars Brother Jessica Big


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Big Brother & The Amazing Race Stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Are Engaged