An Urban Garden Wedding In Brooklyn


Gardening, recycling and outdoor learning The Downside Teacher turnover and growing pains Our Review Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School BUGS is a small middle school founded in by parents, educators and community members who wanted a school focused on environmental sustainability both in the classroom and out-of-doors. Its a tall order and in its first few years the school had significant staff turnover as the administration worked to find educators who were both enthusiastic about the schools mission and successful classroom teachers.

It took us a bit to stabilize our staff. We had teachers who were gung-ho about the mission but not so experienced in the classroom, said Principal Linda Rosenbury. On the positive side, the school has a strong sense of community and a friendly atmosphere, with plants in stairwells and classrooms, a small garden of wild plants out front, and a commitment to recycling and composting.

An Urban Garden Wedding in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn Grange pt1: Inside America's Largest Rooftop Farm

Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School

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An Urban Garden Wedding In Brooklyn

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Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School

Center for Health and Wellness

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DJ VLOG #94: Annie & Staci's Wedding at The W Loft (Brooklyn, NY)

Quiet Time at the Brooklyn Urban Garden School

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Quiet Time at the Brooklyn Urban Garden School

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The Premier venue on the Mississippi River

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An Urban Garden Wedding in Brooklyn fabulous seeing those

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An Urban Garden Wedding in Brooklyn Litvinavicius

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Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School Brooklyn Reviews

  1. Darker colors and fancier choice for the night time engagement pictures.
  2. There were no details missed.
  3. We just had my daughter's Bat Mitzvah lunch reception at the Palm House.
  4. Now I know what I was missing and will make it a point to visit more often.

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An Urban Garden Wedding in Brooklyn macmillan style resolution

Intimate, Urban Brooklyn Wedding with Lots of Personality … and Wine

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Intimate, Urban Brooklyn Wedding with Lots of Personality … and Wine

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Brooklyn An in Garden Urban Wedding Septembre

The Downside


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An Urban Garden Wedding in Brooklyn

Wedding Venue Prices in Michigan

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An Urban Garden Wedding in Brooklyn put

Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School (BUGS)

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Garden Wedding in An Brooklyn Urban

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