A Stunning Spanish Garden Wedding And Pool Party


We will now be publishing new blog posts on our website www. This blogspot will remain up and running as an archive for our older posts, but please check out our Reviva Weddings website for all new and future blogs. Creating trend setting, stylish, contemporary weddings in Spain Real weddings, wedding inspiration and style, gorgeous ideas, Saturday, October 13, Private Villas for Weddings in Spain, Quinta Las Colinas Earlier this year I was invited to meet with Niki and James at a villa called Quinta Las Colinas  that they had hired for their wedding here in July.

As I wound my way up the picturesque Istan Road from Marbella, I kept wanting to pull over to admire the views over the lakes but I was booked for a meeting and did not have time to stop. As I turned into the track down to the villa and wound my way towards the lake I could see what I hoped might be the villa at the bottom, it looked amazing.

A Stunning Spanish Garden Wedding and Pool Party

By playing up the darker jewel tones and switching out the pastel color, it also works well for winter and fall. Amethyst bubble tumblers play up the jewel tones in the tablecloth, while crimson tapers and fresh bloom terrariums complete the fresh garden look. Photo by Manvi Drona-Hidalgo.


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El Cortijo de los Caballos, a stunning wedding villa in Marbella. Its secluded and mature gardens create the perfect setting for your Spanish wedding. Rachel Rose Weddings are our chosen wedding planners for the Cortijo.


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A Stunning Spanish Garden Wedding And Pool Party

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10 Bachelorette Party Favors Your Girls Will Love

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The pics! A Stunning Spanish Garden Wedding and Pool Party  Makeup: Dmitriy Golubev/Reformo

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A Stunning Spanish Garden Wedding and Pool Party  just really hope

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A stunning spot! - Cabanas La Luna

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A stunning spot! - Cabanas La Luna

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Spanish Wedding Garden Party  Pool A Stunning and Spring Summer 2019

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A Stunning Spanish Garden Wedding and Pool Party

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Spanish  Pool Wedding A Garden Stunning and Party

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A Stunning Spanish Garden Wedding and Pool Party

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