A Romantic Camp Wedding At Cedar Lakes Estate


Cali couple goes to camp! We had about 1. They are a newer venue so we were expecting a Read More few hiccups and over sights-and there were none.

A Romantic Camp Wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate

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Wedding Photoshoot @ Cedar Lakes Estate Video HD

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A Romantic Camp Wedding At Cedar Lakes Estate

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Get to know Stephanie + Lisa

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A Summer Cairnwood Estate Wedding \\ Kristin + James

  • We had planned to get married on the Mountaintop, but due to rain we held our ceremony in the Pavillon.
  • If you want a unique, glamorous yet rustic wedding, Cedar Lakes Estate is the place for you.
  • It was a perfect setting for the type of atmosphere my wife and I were wishing for.
  • This was just the beginning of the CLE team going above and beyond to accommodate us and our needs.
  • They were warm and intimate allowing our guests to individually enjoy their stay just as much as being a part of our special day.

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Cedar Lakes Estate

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Cedar Lakes Estate

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A Romantic Camp Wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate

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From Mountain Top to Waters Edge

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Wedding Camp at Cedar Lakes Romantic Estate A

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A Romantic Camp Wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate

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