A Ojai Wedding With Natural Accents


Cozy, with family and friends and the couple's baby in her antique, flower-draped pram, we created a ceremony site that was perfect for the garden setting. Two antique urns on beautiful pillars held dramatic floral and fresh greenery, adding a beautiful depth and texture to the ceremony site. Situated on the sprawling green grass in the field below the ceremony was a classic white tent, draped in taffeta, with generous curtains pulled back with garlands of rich, peachy-golden toned floral.

The peach tones floral arrangements were stunning, as they meandered down each table in a variety of antique vessels, enhanced by the natural amber glow of candle light. The room had a warm and romantic tone, and was particularly sweet with the grass below

A Ojai Wedding With Natural Accents

Contact 39 Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties Rather than hopping all over the Internet, please bookmark this resource list of some of the well-known wedding venues in the Santa Barbara and Ventura County areas. At the bottom of the page, you can download this same list in printable PDF format, with all the phone numbers and addresses also listed.

They also offer a terrace for the reception and cocktail hour. The indoor capacity is and outdoor is

Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial

The Taft Gardens and Nature Center Ojai Wedding | Diana+Jake

His positive outlook and silliness always melts away any worries I have in life. He lightens my spirits and lifts me up everyday. Their Ojai wedding was held at The  Taft Gardens and Nature Center, a botanical garden which served as the perfect setting for this nature-loving couple. Below is a slideshow from their big day.


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A Ojai Wedding With Natural Accents

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The Taft Gardens and Nature Center Ojai Wedding | Diana+Jake

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Mother's Day Floral Workshop, May 12th, ...

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Mother's Day Floral Workshop, May 12th, ...

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Asher and Lyric's Ojai Wedding

Vegan + Gluten Free Desserts, May 6th, $...

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Vegan + Gluten Free Desserts, May 6th, $...

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Are these A Ojai Wedding With Natural Accents

Travel Themed Wedding at the Santa Barbara Sea Center


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Rustic-Elegant Wedding in Ojai Valley, California

  1. Three crystal chandeliers hung from above, illuminating the soft pink draping on the walls of the shop.
  2. Just some of the delicious appetizers and food served by Command Performance Catering.
  3. He helped design my gown to fit my personality and the wedding garden setting.
  4. It was like a dream and that is the feeling we wanted our guests to experience.
  5. McCormick Home Ranch This Colonial-style home was built by an Irish immigrant in and has hosted 4 generations of celebrations.

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A Neutral, Elegant Wedding at Casa Elar in Ojai, California

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A Neutral, Elegant Wedding at Casa Elar in Ojai, California

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Editor:  Accents Ojai Natural Wedding A With would actually love

Contemporary Garden Wedding with Lavender Details


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A Ojai Wedding With Natural Accents


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Miller leaving A Ojai Wedding With Natural Accents  Lee Carter

Jessica & Brian: A Lush and Lovely Herb-Filled Wedding at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

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A Ojai Wedding With Natural Accents

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