8 Shell Wedding Details That Are Anything But Cheesy


Cut the costs and write them in beautiful calligraphy on a tropical leaf to carry out your wedding theme. Bonus points if you swap placemats out for monster leaves as plate chargers. Krista Mason Photography Table Settings A table setting can consist of much more than dinnerware and linens. Spruce them up with accents, such as a pale blush ribbon and trim of greenery, for an extra touch.

A simple folding like this napkin pocket makes all the difference — and can hold your menu, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

8 Shell Wedding Details That Are Anything But Cheesy

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8 Shell Wedding Details That Are Anything But Cheesy

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8 Shell Wedding Details That Are Anything But Cheesy

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8 Shell Wedding Details That Are Anything But Cheesy

50 Little Details That'll Take Your Wedding to the Next Level

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Wedding Events Blog

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Got 8 Shell Wedding Details That Are Anything But Cheesy her

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8 Shell Wedding Details That Are Anything But Cheesy

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8 Shell Wedding Details That Are Anything But Cheesy grungejunky

A non-traditional, non-religious, non-boring wedding ceremony script (that involves alcohol!)

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Cheesy Are That 8 Details But Shell Wedding Anything

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