20 Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles For The Modern, Romantic, And Bohemian Bride


Home » Popular Hairstyles » 10 Beautiful Updo Hairstyles for Weddings If you have a wedding to attend, whether as a guest or as one of the bridal party perhaps even the bride , then choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is an essential part of your wedding day outfit. Wedding hair is truly special, allowing you to experiment and opt for something lavish and beautiful which you might not ordinarily do to your hair, and to celebrate this, PoPular Haircuts have gathered some incredible images of wedding updo hairstyles for your ultimate inspiration.

Loose, Updo Hairstyle for Wedding — Twisted Blonde Bun with Beaded Grip Credit Accessories are a huge part of wedding hairstyles , and this stunning beaded grip finishes this blonde bun style off to perfection! This lady has worked her lovely blonde curls back into a unique twisted bun fashion, creating a back-combed effect at the top of the head, and has fastened the bun with this pretty grip to secure it in place for the special day.

Braided Blonde Curly Bun — Wedding Updo Hairstyles with Braids Credit Golden blonde locks are best showed off with a beautiful braided up do — as this stunning lady proves!

20 Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles for the Modern, Romantic, and Bohemian Bride

Can you picture yourself walking down the aisle crowned with such a stunning accessory? The following wedding hairstyles with flowers should inspire you. Make sure to add volume to your crown and leave some curly strands out for a more casual look. Enchanting Flower Crown Such a ravishing flower crown as the one below is the perfect accessory for a shabby-chic, vintage-like wedding.

Wedding hair video - romantic side do

20 Soft and Sweet Curly Wedding Hairstyles

Pin it With wedding planning, there is a number of decisions a bride needs to make leading up to her big day — from flower arrangements and decorations to food catering, outfit and hair choices. But of all those choices, how to wear her hair may be the most exciting one; after all, the pictures from the wedding will be viewed again and again years after the event.

Curly hair, natural or styled, is a perfect texture for a timeless wedding hairstyle.


Ready to be shocked by some mad creativity and skill? Get ready for disheveled braids, buns and twists in creative bohemian hair styles. Romantic Florettes This intricate style starts off with a waterfall braid. Next bohemian florettes braids that are pulled loose and swirled into a circle are added.

These are made from the sections you take from under the waterfall braid.

20 Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles For The Modern, Romantic, And Bohemian Bride

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20 Soft and Sweet Curly Wedding Hairstyles

20 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers

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Loose, Updo Hairstyle for Wedding – Twisted Blonde Bun with Beaded Grip

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Loose, Updo Hairstyle for Wedding – Twisted Blonde Bun with Beaded Grip

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Romantic Bridal Hairstyle

Boho Hairstyles Ideas and Inspiration

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Boho Hairstyles Ideas and Inspiration

Curly Wedding Hairstyles

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20 Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles for the Modern, Romantic, and Bohemian Bride absolutely love this

Classic Wedding Hairstyle – Swept Back Brown Bun


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Weeping 20 Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles for the Modern, Romantic, and Bohemian Bride would perfect for

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20 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers

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20 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers

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20 Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles for the Modern, Romantic, and Bohemian Bride

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Boho Hairstyles: 20 Coolest Bohemian Hair Options

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For and Bride Modern, Romantic, Wedding 20 Ponytail Bohemian Hairstyles the

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