10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding


Getty Images After getting engaged , most brides are excited to jump straight into wedding planning. They happily choose the stationery suite, compile a guest list, shop for their dream wedding dress, and cross to-dos off their list with a smile on their face. Soon enough, though, the process of planning inevitably begins to take over a bride's life, causing anxiety-inducing stress and mental exhaustion.

Here are five signs that you're beginning to get too stressed out by wedding planning, indicating that it's time for you to take a step back and relax. You're no longer having fun.

10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding

Share this article Share It also emerged we are most stressed at the age of 36, with some so badly affected by it, it has led to sleepless nights and even a health problem. Road works, moving house, self-service checkouts and dogs barking are also among the top 50 causes of stress. Eighty-one percent of people said stress has been so bad that they lost five nights of sleep in the past month.

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Are you TOO stressed? 10 signs your stress levels are too high... and 11 ways to beat it

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The way life can creep up on you. One minute everything is going well, and it's all under control. The next you realize you've got a bit too much going on.


While we encourage all to-be-weds to EnjoyTheJourney , it's inevitable your checklist will feel overwhelming and even all-consuming at times. But if you feel like it's keeping you up at night and taking over your life, you definitely need to tone it down a notch your beauty sleep is more important, we promise. Below, find five common signs you're getting way too worked up over wedding planning, and how to get over it.

You're using all of your lunch breaks to do wedding-related tasks and errands.

10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding

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Are you TOO stressed? 10 signs your stress levels are too high... and 11 ways to beat it

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5 Signs You're Too Stressed Out

The Basics

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6 signs you’re too stressed with wedding planning

  • Worrying you made the wrong call about your reception venue, which florist to hire or how much to spend on photography will only feed your stress even more, making for a never-ending cycle of fear.
  • The heart beat speeds up to pump blood more effectively round the body to these areas.
  • Sometimes it takes a reality check from someone else to know it's time to put the brakes on your wedding woes.
  • You can feel yourself being moody, irritable or short tempered a lot of the time.
  • The way life can creep up on you.
  • You've been pushing yourself for so long that your mind has taken over, and just pushes faster and faster and faster.
  • Drink enough water — dehydration can affect both mental and physical performance which can lead to stress so make sure to hydrate throughout the day.

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10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding

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Still 10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding the rings

10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding

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Over 10 Your Wedding Signs You Are Too Stressed

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10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding

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