10 Marble Wedding Details That Are Beyond Gorgeous


The pros, of course! Hunter Ryan Photo Fresh Ceremony Ideas Why let a little thing like a swimming pool get in the way of your vision? A hand-crocheted ceremony backdrop, accented with greenery and hanging plants, will show off your artistic side and can be repurposed as a wall hanging in your home.

At a celebration planned by Viva Max Weddings , the groom serenaded his bride as she walked down the aisle toward him. Succulent fruit, like a perfectly ripe Bosc pear or a juicy fig, adds both bulk and visual interest to this bouquet by Hana Style Designs  in an unexpected way.

10 Marble Wedding Details That Are Beyond Gorgeous

They were honestly the most gorgeous flowers I have ever seen in my entire life. Marion was an absolute pleasure to work with - she has great ideas and is so honest about what does or doesn't make Read More sense for your wedding. The minute we stepped into her gorgeous shop, which is tucked away on the water in Sayville, we knew she was the right florist for us.

Succulent Wedding Cake FOR JAMES!

Sweetwater Farm Wedding :: Sofia & Steve

Fortunately, the day was unseasonably cool and everything turned Read More out beautifully. Brittany, the events coordinator at The Oaks, is very efficient and works to please.


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10 Marble Wedding Details That Are Beyond Gorgeous

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Sweetwater Farm Wedding :: Sofia & Steve

Book Your Wedding with The Oaks Wedding Venue

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49. The Cake Lady Bakery, Sioux Falls, North Dakota

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49. The Cake Lady Bakery, Sioux Falls, North Dakota

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Gorgeous Flower Crown DIY

50 Wedding Ideas You've Never Seen Before

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50 Wedding Ideas You've Never Seen Before

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10 Marble Wedding Details That Are Beyond Gorgeous they

50. Ana Paz Cakes, Miami

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(man about) Marble Cakes

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Megan and Travis | Bayview Club Wedding | Garnet and Gold Details

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Megan and Travis | Bayview Club Wedding | Garnet and Gold Details

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More Celeb Wedding News:

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Are Details Marble Gorgeous Wedding Beyond That 10 since

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10 Marble Wedding Details That Are Beyond Gorgeous


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10 Marble Wedding Details That Are Beyond Gorgeous Cynthia Korman Unknown

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That 10 Gorgeous Beyond Are Wedding Marble Details

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10 Marble Wedding Details That Are Beyond Gorgeous