Want To Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly? Heres How


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Want to Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly? Heres How

And while we don't expect it to become as popular as, say, the signature drink at cocktail hour, the weed-friendly wedding planners and experts we talked to gave us reason to believe that we can expect to see more of it over the coming years. After spending eight months on the ground in Colorado learning the ins and outs of the legal cannabis industry, I created Love and Marij to shatter outdated stereotypes and show how legal cannabis can pair with class at upscale events.

How long have you been in the wedding industry? In legal states, the sky's the limit!

How to Stop Smoking Weed! (& Improve Your Life)

5 Great Ways to Add Weed to Your Wedding

Tweet on Twitter Thanks to the steady increase of states with legal recreational cannabis, some newly-married couples have opted to incorporate a little green into their wedding day festivities. Cannabis bars are becoming a growing trend at weddings being held in legal states like Washington, Colorado, and Oregon; in fact, an Oregon couple recently pulled off hosting a cannabis bar as part of their big day.

How long have you been working in the wedding industry as an event planner? Bridal Bliss is currently in its 13th year of business.


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Want To Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly? Heres How

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5 Great Ways to Add Weed to Your Wedding

Is New Mexico Too "Poor" to Legalize Weed?

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Starting From Seed How to start Growing Cannabis

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Want to Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly? Heres How LOVELY

Find the best wedding vendors with thousands of trusted reviews


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Want to Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly? Heres How test

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Does Ellen Smoke Weed?

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Want to Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly? Heres How just

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Want to Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly? Heres How

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Want to Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly? Heres How yes thank you

7 Cannabis Wedding Favors That Are Perfect For Your Weed Wedding

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Wedding How Heres to Your Want Weed-Friendly? Make

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Want to Make Your Wedding Weed-Friendly? Heres How