This Is Queen Elizabeths Role In The Royal Wedding


Bright and chipper as ever, the Queen stills wears incredibly fashionable suits and hats, and insists that her umbrellas match each outfit. Her strikingly gorgeous white hair is styled in a curly coiffure reminiscent of the s, and she is probably the only member of the Royal Family who sports bright red lipstick for every outing and event.

The quintessential "princess" gown! It has been said that Princess Elizabeth was rather conservative when it came to clothing choices, and while she was decidedly fashionable and chic she was certainly not a show-off.

This Is Queen Elizabeths Role in the Royal Wedding

Elizabeth was born in London on 21 April Her father was Prince Albert. He was Duke of York. His brother was the Prince of Wales.

Queen and Duchess view Royal wedding dress

Queen Elizabeth Gives a Surprisingly Romantic Shout-Out in Her Annual Christmas Speech

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This Is Queen Elizabeths Role In The Royal Wedding

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Queen Elizabeth Gives a Surprisingly Romantic Shout-Out in Her Annual Christmas Speech

1. The Couple Were Privately Engaged For Months Before It Became Official

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2. The Wedding Took Place In November 1947 & Elizabeth Had 8 Bridesmaids

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2. The Wedding Took Place In November 1947 & Elizabeth Had 8 Bridesmaids

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Monarch arrives at Royal wedding

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This Is Queen Elizabeths Role in the Royal Wedding let's start

When is the Queen and Prince Philip’s wedding anniversary?


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8 Things You May Not Know About Queen Elizabeth II

  1. There were parties across the UK.
  2. Norman Hartnell designed this sumptuous silk wedding gown with embroidered flower motifs, which is now on display at Buckingham Palace for the Diamond Jubilee exhibit.
  3. In the year , within a few months of each other, the Queen's mother and sister, Princess Margaret, both died.
  4. A rare color photograph of the royal couple.

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This Is Queen Elizabeth's Role in the Royal Wedding

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This Is Queen Elizabeth's Role in the Royal Wedding

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This Is Queen Elizabeths Role in the Royal Wedding


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That why This Is Queen Elizabeths Role in the Royal Wedding Keep posting

Queen Elizabeth II through the years

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The This in Role Is Elizabeths Wedding Queen Royal

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This Is Queen Elizabeths Role in the Royal Wedding