Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring In A Nightclub


The year-old TV personality was at an event in Miami with fiance Chris Zylka when she realized she had lost the ring. I am so lucky! Thank God by some miracle my fiancé found it before someone else did and most likely would not have returned it. Paris Hilton had a little bit of a mishap with her massive engagement ring last night! The year-old TV personality reportedly lost her ring while out at a Miami nightclub with fiancé Chris Zylka.

Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring in a Nightclub

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Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring While Dancing at a Miami Nightclub

Paris Hilton almost lost her $2M engagement ring while dancing in a Miami nightclub

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Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring In A Nightclub

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Paris Hilton almost lost her $2M engagement ring while dancing in a Miami nightclub

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Paris Hilton ‘Frantic’ As She Lost Her $2 Million Dollar Engagement Ring While Partying In Miami

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Movie. Ever. Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring in a Nightclub have

The 20-carat diamond sparkler was nearly lost forever…


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Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring in a Nightclub don't

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Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring in a Nightclub agencies just

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Paris Hilton lost her engagement ring in a nightclub

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Paris Hilton lost her engagement ring in a nightclub

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Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring in a Nightclub

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Have band Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring in a Nightclub did

Paris Hilton lost engagement ring in club

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$2 Engagement Hilton Her Reportedly a in Paris Million Lost Nightclub Ring

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Paris Hilton Reportedly Lost Her $2 Million Engagement Ring in a Nightclub