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  • Olympian Michael Phelps and Michelle Johnson Welcome Second Child

    Olympian Michael Phelps And Michelle Johnson Welcome Second Child

    I had never seen him like that. The years he should have spent developing and embracing his personality were devoted to developing and embracing his swimming talents. The years that followed produced more Olympic glory but also a damning photograph of Phelps with a bong, a second D.

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  • Does My Sister HAVE to Be My Maid of Honor?

    Does My Sister HAVE To Be My Maid Of Honor?

    Lady Claire was confounded by the single mindedness that her friend pursued her purpose, normally so forgiving, and accepting of other peoples mistakes with equanimity, she was now a person possessed. There seemed nothing, no word no thought that would lessen her determination for revenge. She had all the zeal of a vengeful angel and she seemed quite pitiless despite the target being her son.

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  • Help! The Best Man Stole the Spotlight at My Wedding. How Do I Exact Revenge?”

    Help! The Best Man Stole The Spotlight At My Wedding. How Do I Exact Revenge?”

    Contact Author The Cost of Revenge What brought this article to mind was an article I read recently about an IT admin employee who is sitting in jail because he password protected a large portion of the City of San Francisco's computer system and added some extras and will not divulge the password. They say they don't know why he has done this, but then proceeded to say he was given a bad performance review. The I'm assuming now ex IT employee has given several passwords to the police after his arrest, but each one so far has been the wrong one.

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  • How to Style Your Sofa

    How To Style Your Sofa

    Print From family game nights to book club gatherings, the living room is a social hub. The proper placement of the room's furniture goes a long way toward making the space feel welcoming.

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Ellis isnt preoccupied by these questions, but for what its worth, he does say that he and his friends never had the slightest intention of going to Syria.