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  • How to Keep Your Sex Life HOT After Years of Marriage

    How To Keep Your Sex Life HOT After Years Of Marriage

    Patricia Love is a family and marriage therapist and relationship consultant, and the coauthor of The Emotional Incest Syndrome and Hot Monogamy. Here are tips from couples who have managed to keep their sex life enticing through the years. From the The Truth About Love: Sex often plays a vital role in reconnecting couples, but there is not enough said or written about the importance of it in long term relationships..

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  • 28 Double Band Engagement Rings for Two Times the FUn

    28 Double Band Engagement Rings For Two Times The FUn

    Ancient times[ edit ] Although the ancient Egyptians are sometimes credited with having invented the engagement ring, [2] and the ancient Greeks with having adopted the tradition, [3] the history of the engagement ring can only be reliably traced as far back as ancient Rome. At one time it was believed that this finger contained a vein the vena amoris that led to the heart. At one time Roman citizens wore rings made of iron..

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  • Conversations Around Pregnancy and Motherhood Shifted in 2019—For The Better

    Conversations Around Pregnancy And Motherhood Shifted In 2019—For The Better

    Continue reading the main story On Dec. The next day, after school, she had a therapy appointment scheduled, but she left a voice mail message, saying: She was tormented that the child was going to have some serious problem, and felt it would be better not to bring this child into the world than to birth her and not be able to take care of her. Six years later, I became a father..

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  • How to Avoid Couples Fighting in the New Year

    How To Avoid Couples Fighting In The New Year

    The modern world survives, by contrast, primarily on abilities to cooperate. Stressful situations that are becoming adversarial between loving partners can escalate into ever more stressful arguments. Alternatively, they can be handled with calm, productive, collaborative talking together that dissipates stress and yields creation of mutually comfortable solutions.

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