How To Style Your Coffee Table Like A Designer


I often struggle when trying to add colorful flowers to an interior design project that I'm about to have professionally photographed. When you first take a look at a project I have designed , I don't want the flowers in the room to be the first thing you see. I want my work to shine.

I want the room that we've created, the problems we've solved to be noticed and evident.

How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Designer

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Coffee tables in the living room

5 Ways to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Designer

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How To Style Your Coffee Table Like A Designer

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5 Ways to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Designer

How I styled the coffee table

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5 Must Haves To Style Your Coffee Table!

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How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Designer thread


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How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Designer the 1960s and

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How to Style a Coffee Table

  • With this palette in place, I knew it would be tough trying to add the touch of bright color that I wanted these photographs to contain.
  • When you first take a look at a project I have designed , I don't want the flowers in the room to be the first thing you see.
  • The mercury glass candleholders served as a bit of bling for my client.
  • That bronze knot was ordered from one of my accessory vendors, last fall.
  • That bronze knot was ordered from one of my accessory vendors, last fall.
  • However, when you're roaming around in the space and see it, there was something about it that just didn't feel right.
  • And my client agreed.

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goofy How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Designer Franco

How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Pro

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How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Pro

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How to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Designer

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Table Coffee How a Style Designer Your to Like

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