How To Handle A Bridesmaid Who Is Taking Over Your Wedding


Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Sometimes, however, your 'maids can disappoint you with bad attitudes or general rudeness, which can put a damper on this exciting time. Here are some strategies for dealing with a diva-like bridesmaid -- and how to not create a maid-zilla with too many demands.

Don't overwhelm your 'maids with costs.

How to Handle a Bridesmaid Who Is Taking Over Your Wedding

Living September 30, Being a bridesmaid is no small task. You agreed to be a bridesmaid before doing the math. Your best friend asked you to stand up next to her during one of the most special moments of her life, and you said yes! Now, as you look forward to the event, you start to plan and…gulp…picture your savings slowly slipping down the drain.

We Go To Bridesmaid Bootcamp

How to Handle a Momzilla While Planning Your Wedding

Inviting people you haven't approved for your guest list as well as people she knows you don't want to invite , judging your decisions and sticking her nose in every bit of the planning process. Parents can be some of the worst wedding guest list offenders. Things can get even more complicated if they're helping pay for the wedding.


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How To Handle A Bridesmaid Who Is Taking Over Your Wedding

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How to Handle a Momzilla While Planning Your Wedding


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I'm getting married!!! The proposal, Bridesmaids proposal & Wedding Details

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1. The Bossy Mother-in-Law (or Mother of the Bride)

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S/S 2018 How to Handle a Bridesmaid Who Is Taking Over Your Wedding  Inspired

1. When They Dislike Their Wedding Day Outfit


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2. When They Grumble About Wedding Party Expenses

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5 People Who Will Try to Take Over Your Wedding Day

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5 People Who Will Try to Take Over Your Wedding Day

Learn how to deal with a controlling mom or an overbearing mother in law.

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Learn how to deal with a controlling mom or an overbearing mother in law.

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3. The Know-It-All Wedding Guest

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3. The Know-It-All Wedding Guest

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Handle  Over to Your Taking Who Bridesmaid Is a How Wedding depends generally like


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How to Handle a Bridesmaid Who Is Taking Over Your Wedding

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How to Handle a Bridesmaid Who Is Taking Over Your Wedding  came time, however

6 Potential Bridesmaid Problems and How to Handle Them

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Wedding Is to Over Taking Bridesmaid Your  Who a Handle How

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How to Handle a Bridesmaid Who Is Taking Over Your Wedding

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