How To Deal With A Partner Giving You The Silent Treatment


Others are more concerned by it, viewing it as a form of control or even abuse. Passive aggressive behaviour like this may come from past experiences. Could any of the issues below have affected your partner? Were they raised in an environment where they:

How To Deal With A Partner Giving You The Silent Treatment

Are you getting the cold shoulder instead of a willing partner? Source What Is the Silent Treatment? The silent treatment is when one person in a relationship ignores the other person, refusing to acknowledge them verbally or through any other method. This usually happens after an argument, but it can also happen when the silent partner is angry and the other person doesn't know why.

How The Silent Treatment Is Damaging Your Relationship And What To Do About It

5 Steps to Take if Your Spouse Gives You 'The Silent Treatment'

The silent treatment is an abusive method of control, punishment, avoidance, or disempowerment sometimes these four types overlap, sometimes not that is a favorite tactic of narcissists, and especially those who have a hard time with impulse control, that is, those with more infantile tendencies.

When the abuser and make no mistake—the silent treatment is a form of abuse gives you the cold-shoulder and refuses to speak to you for a period of time because you refuse to acquiesce to his or her demands. This is manipulating you with silence.


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How To Deal With A Partner Giving You The Silent Treatment

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5 Steps to Take if Your Spouse Gives You 'The Silent Treatment'

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What Is the Silent Treatment?

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What Is the Silent Treatment?

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How To Handle The Silent Treatment (And What You're Doing To Cause It)

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How to Confront Someone Who's Giving You the Silent Treatment

Six Ways to Respond to the Silent Treatment in Relationships

  • This may be particularly acute if you have children, or if your partner seems unwilling to consider taking charge of behaviour that is causing you distress.
  • He is the executive director of an outpatient behavioral health program.
  • The silent treatment is a common pattern of conflict for committed, romantic couples, and it can be damaging if left unaddressed.
  • Instead, try to empathize with your partner by saying you understand that they're upset or angry and that you would like to bridge the gap that has come between you.
  • Once you define what the event means—to you, not to him—you're ready to answer the next question.
  • Could any of the issues below have affected your partner?

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Silent treatment: how to snap him out of it

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The Silent Treatment And What You Can Do To Stop It Cold

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How To Deal With A Partner Giving You The Silent Treatment

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