How To Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring


How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home Learn step-by-step how to clean a diamond ring at home for every type of metal and setting. Our guide will take the guess work out of how to clean a diamond ring, and teach you how to clean a diamond ring thoroughly and carefully. The best advice when thinking about how to clean a diamond ring is to do it regularly.

Not only will regular maintenance keep your engagement ring sparkling, but it will also shorten the cleaning process in the long run. Each engagement ring is unique with many different metals and settings.

How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Somma Creative Commons I am sure everyone loves to enjoy a diamond studded life. However, though most people love it, most of them have concerns on how to clean diamond ring and other diamond jewelry to elongate its life and to treasure them forever with them.

Diamond as a gemstone has a very high refractive index and it glitters with a high index of 2.

How to Clean your Diamond Ring at Home

The Guide to Caring for Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

November 22, — Posted in: None of us live in truly sterile environments. We touch so much dust, dirt, and grease without even realizing it. This dirt can affect the look of an engagement ring, and even damage it beyond repair.


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How To Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

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The Guide to Caring for Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

Do you need to Clean your Ring?

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How-to : Make Your Diamonds Sparkle! (Diamond Cleaning)

Follow These Steps

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Follow These Steps

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How to Clean a Diamond Ring: Silver and Gold

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Agree with How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring with the

4) A Professional can make your ring look like new


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How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring that

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Sophisticated Diamond Earrings Designs

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How to Clean Diamond Ring at Home Like a Professional

  • Depending on the setting of your stone, food may be almost impossible to remove from the ring.
  • Once you have it back to its original beauty, cleaning it will be a breeze.
  • But they tend to lose their shine and glitter as days pass by due to contact with excessive dirt, daily usage, pollution and styling products such as hair gels, lotions etc.
  • Try to use mild abrasive cloth or a soft flannel, microfiber cloth while you dry your diamond jewels and always try to run them under warm running water to remove accumulated oil, dirt and grease.
  • If there are any chemicals in the solution, your diamond ring can become discolored or lose its durability.
  • Before you realize that the diamond is missing, it will already be gone.
  • Then rinse your ring under cold water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

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Secrets to Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling

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Secrets to Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling

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Why Cleaning Your Engagement Ring Is Important?

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How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Clean a Diamond Ring: All Metal Types (Platinum, Silver, White Gold, and Gold)

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How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring tights... I'll obviously

How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

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Engagement Clean Diamond to How Ring Your


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How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring