How To Choose Wedding Shoes: The Dos And Donts Of Wedding Shoe Shopping


Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. I know that sounds dramatic, some of the social faux pas are so incredibly obvious that the staff aren't the only people noticing. Fortunately, not everything happens in front of the actual brides and grooms, but a depressing amount of it does.

And when it does, somebody always ends up embarrassed.

How to Choose Wedding Shoes: The Dos and Donts of Wedding Shoe Shopping

Find our advice on picking the perfect accessories here. But between jewelry, shoes, veils and other pieces, there can be a dizzying amount of choices to make, and you definitely don't want to go overboard. So before you buy anything, read our top style rules for accessorizing your wedding dress.


6 Tips for choosing the right wedding shoes

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How To Choose Wedding Shoes: The Dos And Donts Of Wedding Shoe Shopping

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6 Tips for choosing the right wedding shoes

You have to wear your shoes

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Wedding Shoes - Heels or Flats? With Courtney Thorpe

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Showers & Parties


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The Basics

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Wedding Shoes: Wedding Hauls S01E3/8

Do's and Don'ts for the Key Members of the Wedding Party

  • Add a belt or sash.
  • Skip the necklace and focus on dressing up your tresses.
  • DO make sure your child has been prepared for his or her role in the wedding.
  • You should also consider your hair type—dainty accessories may be perfect for fine hair, but won't be as noticeable in thick waves.
  • Try using a meaningful gem, like your birthstone, or pick a hue from the flowers in your bridal bouquet.

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7 Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid

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7 Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid

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Sandra Choose Shoes: Wedding Donts of  and Wedding to How Shopping The Shoe Dos know where

Choose a special pair of shoes


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How to Choose Wedding Shoes: The Dos and Donts of Wedding Shoe Shopping

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How to Choose Wedding Shoes: The Dos and Donts of Wedding Shoe Shopping  not the same

12 things to remember when buying your wedding shoes

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To The How Shoes: Shoe of Wedding Wedding Shopping and Choose Donts  Dos

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