How To Beat The Bridesmaid Blues


Kelsie Lynn Photography Why We're Slate Blue Obsessed There are four facts that you should know about slate blue in order to make this the color the center of your big day! Well, not every bride wants to go the navy route and a lot of other shades tend to be super vibrant and over-powering. This hue has the perfect dusty-gray undertone making it somewhat of an understatement, but oh-so far from boring!

It fits perfectly within an outdoor garden setting or even inside a grand cathedral. Whether your bridesmaids have red hair, brown skin, platinum highlights, or nearly translucent skin, I give you my word that they will look like bombshells in this color!

How to Beat the Bridesmaid Blues

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How To Beat the Winter Blues!

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How To Beat The Bridesmaid Blues

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How to Beat the Bridesmaid Blues The Path

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How to Beat the Bridesmaid Blues the next floor

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20 Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Worth Obsessing Over

  1. We love the slate blue theme!
  2. How to Style It:
  3. With a sheer high neck, a classy slit, and hidden pockets, what's not to love about Jade?
  4. This hue has the perfect dusty-gray undertone making it somewhat of an understatement, but oh-so far from boring!

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Weekend Events: Mom Prom Invites Women To Wear Old Formal Dresses for Charitable Night Out

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Weekend Events: Mom Prom Invites Women To Wear Old Formal Dresses for Charitable Night Out

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How to Beat the Bridesmaid Blues

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The Blues Bridesmaid to How Beat

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How to Beat the Bridesmaid Blues

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