Here’s How To Keep Track Of Who Gave What At A Bridal Shower


If the attendees are younger and more rowdy, you might be tempted to try raunchier games. Of course, that might totally shock and appall Great Aunt Martha. Instead, games should be pretty tame in comparison so that everyone at the shower feels comfortable. Besides making sure that all guests feel comfortable with the games and activities, make sure that you can stick to your budget.

Party stores and online shopping can definitely net you the materials for great game ideas, but for the most bang for your buck, skip the store and work with what you have.

Here’s How to Keep Track of Who Gave What at a Bridal Shower

Here are six smart tips when choosing something for the bride-to-be. Opening the gifts, of course, so you'll want yours to be memorable. Consider these six factors when choosing your bridal shower gifts. What to Spend Give what you can afford—no matter what the occasion.


6 Bridal Shower Gift-Giving Tips

They're beautiful celebrations of love and happiness But there aren't really rules for the common wedding guest. Sure, "don't get too drunk" still applies, but what can you do to go from average guest to most awesome wedding guest since Victoria married Albert?


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Here’s How To Keep Track Of Who Gave What At A Bridal Shower

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6 Bridal Shower Gift-Giving Tips

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How to Plan a Bridal Shower

Affordable Bridal Shower Games

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Affordable Bridal Shower Games

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Here’s How to Keep Track of Who Gave What at a Bridal Shower never forget all

2. Etiquette


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1. What to Spend

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Baby Shower Gift Tracker Printable

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Baby Shower Gift Tracker Printable

Keeping track of Baby Shower gifts

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Keeping track of Baby Shower gifts

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Here’s How to Keep Track of Who Gave What at a Bridal Shower

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Minneapolis, Here’s How to Keep Track of Who Gave What at a Bridal Shower the City

Here’s How to Keep Track of Who Gave What at a Bridal Shower

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