Cardi B And Offset’s First Dance Song At Their Wedding Might Surprise Their Fans


Share was a year of unexpected hits. Throw in some of the most ambitious work to date from artists like Kendrick and Jay , a full-on breakout year for Migos and SZA , and a collection of loosies that rival any album from Frank Ocean , and you have a year with an overabundance of great songs. These are the 50 best. Lil Pump, "Gucci Gang" Album:

Cardi B and Offset’s First Dance Song at Their Wedding Might Surprise Their Fans

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Offset Surprises Cardi B On Their First Valentines Day Ever Together

Cardi B defends fiance Offset over alleged homophobic lyrics



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Cardi B And Offset’s First Dance Song At Their Wedding Might Surprise Their Fans

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Cardi B defends fiance Offset over alleged homophobic lyrics

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Offset Migos "Ask Cardi b to dance While Smoking In Elevator"

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Always loved Cardi B and Offset’s First Dance Song at Their Wedding Might Surprise Their Fans the first time

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Migos Offset Explains why he Married Cardi B

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Cardi B and Offset’s First Dance Song at Their Wedding Might Surprise Their Fans eyes hurt after

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Wheel you marry me! Newlyweds surprise their guests by performing their first dance on HOVERBOARDS

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Wheel you marry me! Newlyweds surprise their guests by performing their first dance on HOVERBOARDS

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Their First Cardi and Surprise Offset’s Wedding B Fans Might Their Song at Dance only

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Cardi B and Offset’s First Dance Song at Their Wedding Might Surprise Their Fans

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Cardi B and Offset’s First Dance Song at Their Wedding Might Surprise Their Fans it! Right

Cardi B Spilled the Details on Her Potential Wedding Dress, and It's Not What You'd Expect

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Their Their First and Might Wedding at B Surprise Offset’s Cardi Fans Dance Song

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Cardi B and Offset’s First Dance Song at Their Wedding Might Surprise Their Fans