The Royal Wedding Will Bring This Much Money To The U.K., And Its A LOT


How much does a royal wedding cost? The ring and the romance The guest list and the exact date have not been revealed, but one thing is certain: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding will be expensive. Aimee Dunne, a London-based wedding planner who specializes in luxury weddings, said that even conservative estimates for a modern royal wedding would start well into six figures.

The Royal Wedding Will Bring This Much Money to the U.K., and Its A LOT

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How Much Money Will Prince Harry's Wedding Cost?

How much does a royal wedding cost?

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The Royal Wedding Will Bring This Much Money To The U.K., And Its A LOT

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How much does a royal wedding cost?

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's royal wedding plans

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The Royal Wedding Will Bring This Much Money to the U.K., and Its A LOT iPhone exclusive

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How the Queen and the royal family boost the UK economy

  • The ring and the romance The guest list and the exact date have not been revealed, but one thing is certain:
  • An estimated 5, police guarded the public, and there were reports of a dispute between London and the national government over who should pay.
  • A more intimate evening party for roughly friends and family followed.
  • A spokesperson for the local Thames Valley Police said it's too early to comment on potential security costs.
  • But the total cost could skyrocket into the millions when security is included.
  • And that is certainly on the conservative side," Dunne said of a reception.

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The Royal Wedding Will Bring This Much Money to the U.K., and Its A LOT February 2018 can

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Is the British Royal Family Worth the Money?

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Is the British Royal Family Worth the Money?

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The Royal Wedding Will Bring This Much Money to the U.K., and Its A LOT

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The Royal Wedding Will Bring This Much Money to the U.K., and Its A LOT minutes fame...starting........NOW...!... People

Here’s How Much the Royal Wedding Will Cost and How Much Money it Will Bring to the U.K.

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A LOT Much The to and This Will Royal Wedding the Money Bring Its U.K.,

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The Royal Wedding Will Bring This Much Money to the U.K., and Its A LOT