South Carolina Lawmakers Say Same-Sex Unions Are Parody Marriages


Supreme Court ruled it's illegal to make people say they believe in God to get government jobs. Justice Hugo Black, writing the majority opinion, added a footnote in that decision calling Secular Humanism a religion. Based on that footnote, several South Carolina lawmakers in a newly filed bill argue the federal government has illegally established a national favored religion by recognizing same-sex and other so-called "parody" marriages.

The bill is called the Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act. It holds that the federal government has violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.

South Carolina Lawmakers Say Same-Sex Unions Are Parody Marriages

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Anti Same Sex Marriage Ad Parody (Australia)

South Carolina Republicans Table Bill To Define Gay Marriage As ‘Parody Marriage’​

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South Carolina Lawmakers Say Same-Sex Unions Are Parody Marriages

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South Carolina Republicans Table Bill To Define Gay Marriage As ‘Parody Marriage’​


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SC lawmakers aim to redefine same-sex marriage as ‘parody marriages,’ according to new bill

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South Carolina lawmakers want same-sex marriage defined as "parody marriage"

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proportions and South Carolina Lawmakers Say Same-Sex Unions Are Parody Marriages

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they're South Carolina Lawmakers Say Same-Sex Unions Are Parody Marriages glimpse into

SC’s parody marriage bill loses one of its sponsors | The State

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SC’s parody marriage bill loses one of its sponsors | The State


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Leading the fight for full Equality at the State House. And winning.

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Leading the fight for full Equality at the State House. And winning.

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South Carolina Lawmakers Say Same-Sex Unions Are Parody Marriages

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South Carolina Lawmakers Say Same-Sex Unions Are Parody Marriages already tired

SC lawmakers introduce bill to define same-sex marriage as 'parody marriage'

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Unions Lawmakers Parody Carolina Say Marriages South Are Same-Sex

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South Carolina Lawmakers Say Same-Sex Unions Are Parody Marriages

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