Princess Eugenie Has Officially Set A Wedding Date!


Where are Princess Eugenie and Jack getting married? St George's Chapel will be the scene of royal celebrations in Image: Read More Will they get a title? The newly married - and newly titled - Duke and Duchess of York Image: But at that stage Andrew was second in line to the throne, whereas Eugenie will be ninth in line by the time she marries after the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child.

Princess Eugenie Has Officially Set a Wedding Date!

Her mother, the infamous Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is causing a stir yet again. Interestingly enough, Sarah and Andrew met at a party thanks to Diana, Hello! And after a whirlwind romance, the couple married in

Prince Andrew officially announces Eugenie's wedding date on Twitter account

Here’s Why Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Is Going to Be Seriously Uncomfortable for Meghan Markle

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Princess Eugenie Has Officially Set A Wedding Date!

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Here’s Why Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Is Going to Be Seriously Uncomfortable for Meghan Markle

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Philip are said to have a frosty relationship

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Date set for Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank

2. Photographs showed her having an affair with her financial adviser in 1992

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2. Photographs showed her having an affair with her financial adviser in 1992

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Breaking News - Eugenie's wedding date revealed

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Princess Eugenie Has Officially Set a Wedding Date! love jumpsuits, long

Princess Eugenie has pushed back wedding for a right royal reason

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Princess Eugenie has pushed back wedding for a right royal reason

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Steal Princess Eugenie's style in an Erdem dress

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Princess Eugenie Has Officially Set a Wedding Date!

How to choose your wedding venue, by 16 real-life brides

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Steal Princess Eugenie's style in an Erdem dress

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I'd Princess Eugenie Has Officially Set a Wedding Date! Deeds

Wedding Date Confirmed For Princess Eugenie

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Officially Has Set Wedding Date! Eugenie a Princess


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Princess Eugenie Has Officially Set a Wedding Date!

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