• 12 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog for Your Wedding

    12 Ways To Dress Up Your Dog For Your Wedding

    Parties Weddings When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we knew it had to be low-key, casual and preferably outdoors. To this day, years later, I do not regret one thing about how we chose to say and celebrate our vows. And included in my list of non-regrets are the choices we consciously made to have as eco-friendly a wedding as we could.

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  • 4 Wellness Techniques That Calm Pre-Wedding Jitters

    4 Wellness Techniques That Calm Pre-Wedding Jitters

    While most wedding days go off without a problem, brides and grooms often overthink and worry about the details of their special events. By focusing on the positive activities you are doing now, you are also mentally preparing for the big day by cutting down on stress. Consider these wellness activities to make sure you are the in strongest mental state for a big week of family interaction and commitments..

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