Heres Why Meghan Trainor Hasnt Started Planning Her Wedding Yet


We're banking on these stars to walk down the aisle in the new year. The Shows 1 of 21 Since brought us a substantial series of celebrity engagements , we have plenty of A-list wedding inspiration to look forward to in the year to come. For now, we wait.

To bide the time, it's always fun to predict which of our favorite newly-engaged celebrity couples—like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith, and Kit Harington and Rose Leslie —will plan their nuptials quickly and tie the knot on the other side of the new year. It's equally as fun to anticipate the nuptials of those celebrities who keep their relationships quiet.

Heres Why Meghan Trainor Hasnt Started Planning Her Wedding Yet

WrestleMania is where the couple met more than three years ago, it's where both stars have completed winning matches, and it's where Cena finally proposed to Bella. For years, fans have watched their relationship play out on "Total Divas" and "Total Bellas. During an appearance on NBC's "Today" show , Cena explained the WrestleMania 33 moment, and the fact that he was planning on proposing for quite some time.

This is how MEGHAN will CELEBRATE before the Royal Wedding...

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Heres Why Meghan Trainor Hasnt Started Planning Her Wedding Yet

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When did Meghan Trainor know she wanted to marry Daryl Sabara?

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When did Meghan Trainor know she wanted to marry Daryl Sabara?

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How Meghan could be planning for a very modern, feminist wedding day to Prince Harry

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Best Heres Why Meghan Trainor Hasnt Started Planning Her Wedding Yet

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Heres Why Meghan Trainor Hasnt Started Planning Her Wedding Yet The

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Here's Why Meghan Trainor Hasn't Started Planning Her Wedding Yet

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Here's Why Meghan Trainor Hasn't Started Planning Her Wedding Yet

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Is Kim Kardashian rushing her wedding because she’s pregnant?

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Heres Why Meghan Trainor Hasnt Started Planning Her Wedding Yet

John Cena and Nikki Bella

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Will These Celebrity Couples Get Married in 2018?

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Yet Started Hasnt Heres Trainor Meghan Wedding Why Her Planning

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Heres Why Meghan Trainor Hasnt Started Planning Her Wedding Yet

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