Bachelor Nation Engagement Rings: A Complete History


We'll always have next season's engagement to look forward to—and maybe, more importantly, a new Neil Lane engagement ring to obsess over. From reigning bride-to-be Lauren Burnham  to Trista Rehn, take a gander at 14 of the most memorable sparklers from the reality shows. For his  second proposal, Luyendyk opted for a cushion-cut center stone surrounded by a diamond halo.

The romantic, baguette-cut diamond combined with an elegant cushion is the perfect mix of vintage glamour and contemporary style, much like Lauren herself. Yes, and the couple revealed they're already in the throes of wedding planning.

Bachelor Nation Engagement Rings: A Complete History

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'The Bachelor': Comparing Lauren & Becca K's Rings

All the Details of ‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Contestant Clare Crawley’s Neil Lane Engagement Ring

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Bachelor Nation Engagement Rings: A Complete History

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All the Details of ‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Contestant Clare Crawley’s Neil Lane Engagement Ring

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History of Engagement Rings - L'École des Arts Joailliers

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This year's contestants include 6 Olympians, an NBA legend and a World Series champ

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people Bachelor Nation Engagement Rings: A Complete History

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The Untold Truth Of Your Engagement Ring

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See How The Bachelor Nation Reacted to Arie & Lauren’s Engagement on ATFR

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See How The Bachelor Nation Reacted to Arie & Lauren’s Engagement on ATFR

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the Nation Rings: A Complete Bachelor History Engagement guess some people


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Bachelor Nation Engagement Rings: A Complete History

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Daily candy Bachelor Nation Engagement Rings: A Complete History harem pants

14 of Our Favorite Engagement Rings From 'The Bachelorette' and 'The Bachelor'

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Rings: Bachelor Complete History Nation A Engagement


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