A Modern Museum Wedding In Miami


Want to get married at a private estate or on a beach? Maybe a historic Spanish Monastery is more your style…  Here is a selection of unique Miami wedding venues, each one with something special to offer. Barcelona meets Biscayne Bay Interesting Tidbit: Formal or self-guided tours of the estate, or kayaking excursions among the mangroves can be arranged to give your guests an extra dose of wedding weekend fun!

A Modern Museum Wedding in Miami

Mexican antiques and modern decor give this suite hotel a tropical yet minimalist touch. Each orchid-laden suite features an outdoor or indoor living area. Intimate affairs can take place at the water's edge, followed by a simple champagne toast. Celebration Hall Celebration Hall - Santa Rosa Beach If you want a blank slate on which to paint your perfect wedding picture, Celebration Hall, with its vaulted ceilings, wrought-iron chandeliers and room for guests, is a classic canvas.

Wedding at Deering Estate - Best Miami Weddings

11 Cool Ideas for DJ Booths

Order Reprint of this Story April 10, If those weddings were a country, the International Monetary Fund would list it at No. Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. In most cases, the biggest expense is the reception, which in over-the-top South Florida often includes floor shows rivaling Cirque du Soleil.


Arts, culture, and fine cuisine abound in this multicultural metropolis, especially when the sun goes down and the city comes to life with trendy night clubs, bars and exciting arts and entertainment possibilities. Choose from many excellent hotels, churches, and other venues for your wedding. Discover your perfect Miami wedding place. Jump-start your search with the top ten Miami wedding places , from Eventective: The Zen House Located in the heart of South Miami, this one-acre mansion features an eclectic mix of contemporary architecture and Zen design, and a gorgeous aquamarine pool that creates a romantic presence and a peaceful and harmonious setting.

A Modern Museum Wedding In Miami

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11 Cool Ideas for DJ Booths

The Bass Museum of Art

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Best Destination Wedding Venue in Miami - PAMM - Perez Art Museum Miami

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A Modern Museum Wedding in Miami your back



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  • Vintage Mediterranean Interesting Tidbit:
  • As darkness begins to fall, specially designed lighting illuminates the surrounding palms for a dazzling, romantic effect.
  • Events here, from ceremonies to beach-buffet receptions, center on the sand.
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens This public museum and national landmark can be rented out for your wedding during the daytime or the evening.
  • Maybe a historic Spanish Monastery is more your style…  Here is a selection of unique Miami wedding venues, each one with something special to offer.
  • It is not a color.
  • The Visitor Center Ballroom seats guests.

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Modern Tampa Museum Wedding – 3

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Modern Tampa Museum Wedding – 3

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The Museum of Contemporary Art

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The Museum of Contemporary Art

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A Modern Museum Wedding in Miami

Modern and Chic Miami Wedding at the Viceroy Hotel – Kerri and Craig

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Modern Museum Wedding

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Museum Wedding in A Miami Modern

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A Modern Museum Wedding in Miami