8 Square Wedding Cakes Perfect For A Modern Couple


Nearly Naked photo by Patricia Heal This rustic-style confection focuses on the cake. Barely frosted layers are sandwiched with buttercream frosting and topped with fresh flowers, sugared fruits or decadent drizzles. Ruffled Roses photo by Kate Mathis A stunning wedding cake can be the pièce de résistance of your reception. Sweeping lavender sugar roses and pleated ribbons cascade down the side of this five-tier cake and the effect is both elegant and awe-inspiring.

8 Square Wedding Cakes Perfect For A Modern Couple

Basic information[ edit ] Wedding cakes at the Seattle Bridal show Wedding cakes come in a variety of sizes, depending on the number of guests the cake will serve. Modern pastry chefs and cake designers use various ingredients and tools to create a cake that usually reflects the personalities of the couple. Marzipan , fondant , gum paste , buttercream , and chocolate are among the popular ingredients used.

Wedding Haters Decorate Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake

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8 Square Wedding Cakes Perfect For A Modern Couple

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Wedding cake

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Dog eats wedding cake on morning of couple's big day - BBC News

Purple Ombré Cake with Custom Topper

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Purple Ombré Cake with Custom Topper

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8 Square Wedding Cakes Perfect For A Modern Couple impracticality you

Colorful Talavera-Style Wedding Cake


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have 8 Square Wedding Cakes Perfect For A Modern Couple the

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44 Naked Cakes for Your Wedding

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44 Naked Cakes for Your Wedding

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8 Square Wedding Cakes Perfect For A Modern Couple

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Wedding Cakes

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Modern Cakes Couple Perfect A Wedding For Square 8

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8 Square Wedding Cakes Perfect For A Modern Couple