12 Ways To Dress Up Your Dog For Your Wedding


Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. When pets are part of the wedding plans When pets are part of the wedding plans — Flower girls are often a conduit for including pets in wedding ceremonies. Hide Caption 1 of 12 Photos: When pets are part of the wedding plans When pets are part of the wedding plans — Pets can be a part of wedding invitations, even engagement photos.

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12 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog for Your Wedding

Parties Weddings When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we knew it had to be low-key, casual and preferably outdoors. To this day, years later, I do not regret one thing about how we chose to say and celebrate our vows. And included in my list of non-regrets are the choices we consciously made to have as eco-friendly a wedding as we could. So as another anniversary approaches, I'm sharing those choices with you.

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12 Ways To Dress Up Your Dog For Your Wedding

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Elements to Include in Your Invitation Wording

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Elements to Include in Your Invitation Wording

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💍 Our Wedding Day Adventure ❤ (6/12/17)

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12 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog for Your Wedding completely

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15 Clever Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

  1. When pets are part of the wedding plans When pets are part of the wedding plans — Louise Harris, 32, organized Britain's most expensive dog wedding.
  2. All these choices kept our radius of influence and purchasing small, which is a great eco-friendly practice in general.
  3. Choosing local vendors, including family and friends, is both budget-friendly and eco-friendly.
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2. Arrange Sustainably Grown Flowers

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Wedding Invitation Wording: Formal and Casual


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12 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog for Your Wedding


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12 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog for Your Wedding least years’

Wedding Invitation Wording Examples 2018

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12 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog for Your Wedding