11 Floral Chandeliers That Will WOW At Your Wedding


Not for the faint-hearted florist or the low budget bride, these creations are typically expensive because many of bunches of flowers and foliage are needed to create such massive designs as well as many hours of labour and a talented floral eye. How about a floral feature above the bridal table? This design focusses on many gorgeous blooms of flowers and not as much foliage.

A classic, elegant mix of feminine pink and white blooms has been used to create a long rectangular piece that would look amazing suspended over a bridal table. This is due to the use of different flower varieties including red orchids.

11 Floral Chandeliers That Will WOW at Your Wedding

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How to DIY A Floral Chandelier

Crystal Teardrop Pendant Chandeliers

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11 Floral Chandeliers That Will WOW At Your Wedding

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Crystal Teardrop Pendant Chandeliers

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The making of Kathy + Matthew's wedding

How about a floral feature above the bridal table?

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How about a floral feature above the bridal table?

The Basics

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Ideas for Wedding Ceiling Decorations

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Over-the-Top Wedding Reception 5.14.16 theweddingguide.eu

Centerpiece Supplies

  • Flower blooms threaded onto fishing line, create hanging teardrops and add interest to the overall design.
  • This design focusses on many gorgeous blooms of flowers and not as much foliage.
  • Also the construction is more wild and carefree with textured blooms and foliage.
  • Bright Halo Hanging Installation Alstonville Florist The second halo by Poppy Culture is an elegant combination of white and green including hanging amaranths, phalaenopsis orchids, hydrangea and foliage.
  • A very gorgeous and on-trend way to style your reception or event space.
  • Bright Halo Hanging Installation Alstonville Florist The second halo by Poppy Culture is an elegant combination of white and green including hanging amaranths, phalaenopsis orchids, hydrangea and foliage.

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11 Floral Chandeliers That Will WOW at Your Wedding advance search for

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24 Weddings That Really Brought The Wow Factor With Lighting

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24 Weddings That Really Brought The Wow Factor With Lighting

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Showers & Parties

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West That at Floral WOW Chandeliers Your 11 Wedding Will then fashion’s entire

Hanging Structures and Floral Installations


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11 Floral Chandeliers That Will WOW at Your Wedding

How to choose your wedding venue, by 16 real-life brides

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Flowers & Bouquets

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That Chandeliers Your Wedding 11 Will WOW at Floral

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11 Floral Chandeliers That Will WOW at Your Wedding

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