Vogue Williams Is Engaged And We Can’t Stop Staring At Her $200,000 Engagement Ring


One major perk of being a princess? A stunning engagement ring, likely passed down through generations, sitting atop your royal finger. Kate Middleton's Ceylon Read it popsugar As much as we love engagement rings in classic yellow gold and platinum, there's something so romantic and special about options that come in rose gold.

The pretty pink hue may be an unexpected choice for an engagement ring setting, but the trendy metal is actually becoming increasingly popular among brides-to-be who want to stand out.

Vogue Williams Is Engaged and We Can’t Stop Staring at Her $200,000 Engagement Ring

Spencer Matthews Spencer Matthews  has come a long way in just one year! The reality show star, who rose to fame as the eligible yet untrustworthy bachelor on Made in Chelsea, is due to be married and is expecting his first child with Vogue Williams! On Made in Chelsea, the reformed bad boy dated several women over the course of the show, including Caggie Dunlop, Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson — and the relationships didn't tend to end amicably!

Vogue Williams continues to display her £150k ring

Huge congrats! Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams are engaged

And Spencer Matthews appeared to be whisking fiancée Vogue Williams off to celebrate their engagement as they made an early arrival at Heathrow airport on Thursday morning, where the Irish model proudly showed off her £, sparkler - which was designed by her soon to be husband. The couple looked to be revelling in their newly-engaged status as they locked hands while making their way into their terminal.

Spencer Matthews appeared to be whisking fiancee Vogue Williams away to celebrate their engagement as they arrived at London's Heathrow airport on Thursday morning Vogue looked typically stylish in a grey roll neck jumper, which she paired with coated black jeans and chunky boots, while Spencer opted for a herringbone jacket, a thick grey roll neck and trainers.

Their warm outfits suggested they might not have been jetting off to the warmest of locations, despite Spencer's family owning the exclusive Eden Rock resort on the Caribbean island of St.


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Vogue Williams Is Engaged And We Can’t Stop Staring At Her $200,000 Engagement Ring

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Huge congrats! Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams are engaged

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And wait till you see her STUNNING engagement ring

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And wait till you see her STUNNING engagement ring

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Vogue Williams shares first photo of engagement ring

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Love little Vogue Williams Is Engaged and We Can’t Stop Staring at Her $200,000 Engagement Ring moving london next

How Spencer Matthews went from Made in Chelsea's most eligible bachelor to dad-to-be


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How to choose your wedding venue, by 16 real-life brides

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Vogue williams shows off ring after spencer matthews engagement

Spencer Matthews is engaged to Vogue Williams and it's unbelieveable where he popped the question!

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  4. Spencer attended solo, after the bride reportedly enforced a 'no ring no bring' rule for the wedding, where royalty was present in the form of Pippa's sister, Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William.

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Helmut Lang Vogue Williams Is Engaged and We Can’t Stop Staring at Her $200,000 Engagement Ring think

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Vogue Williams Is Engaged and We Can’t Stop Staring at Her $200,000 Engagement Ring

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Think they're Vogue Williams Is Engaged and We Can’t Stop Staring at Her $200,000 Engagement Ring Leonardo

Vogue shows off €170k ring in first official outing since getting engaged

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Vogue Williams Is Engaged and We Can’t Stop Staring at Her $200,000 Engagement Ring

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