Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: 9 Real Brides Who Dared To Be Different


Guest were not allowed on the ship without costume. We even had back up cheesy costumes if someone dared, but everyone really did it up! The whole wedding and reception was on the pirate ship three hour tour, lol and then we went to the bar at our hotel. We did have our reverend speak in pirate lingo, but the wording was still very meaningful — never did I think we would have people cry in our ceremony, come on, we are dressed as pirates!

Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: 9 Real Brides Who Dared to Be Different

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Mollie & Scott's "Piradical" High Seas Wedding Adventure

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Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: 9 Real Brides Who Dared To Be Different

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Wedding ideas

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Wedding ideas

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8.1 Grooming: Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: 9 Real Brides Who Dared to Be Different

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Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: 9 Real Brides Who Dared to Be Different just like writing

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  1. We did have our reverend speak in pirate lingo, but the wording was still very meaningful — never did I think we would have people cry in our ceremony, come on, we are dressed as pirates!
  2. You will only ruin the memories of the day and drive everyone around you crazy.
  3. What we were aiming for was an 'elegant pirate wedding.
  4. We even had back up cheesy costumes if someone dared, but everyone really did it up!
  5. We even did a costume contest Dad picked because we knew there was going to be some killer costumes there and wanted to make a big deal about them.
  6. Making our wedding piradical and not fifth grade birthday party and do it on a budget.

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Here's Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: 9 Real Brides Who Dared to Be Different agree. discovered

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Wedding Dresses

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Wedding Dresses

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You're Wedding Be Brides Different Unique Dared 9 to Dress Real Ideas: Who read

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Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: 9 Real Brides Who Dared to Be Different

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10 unique custom wedding dresses for the most daring brides

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Who Dared 9 Unique Different Wedding Real Be Ideas: Dress to Brides

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Unique Wedding Dress Ideas: 9 Real Brides Who Dared to Be Different

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