The Mindy Projects Fortune Feimster Is Engaged—and Mindy Is Set To Officiate


When Fortune Feimster first arrived on The Mindy Project at the beginning of season four, she was part of a package deal. However, it didn't take long for Colette to break out in her own way as the female counterpart to longtime fan-favorite Morgan Ike Barinholtz , and Feimster was upgraded to series regular midway through season four.

Now, in the midst of the Hulu comedy's fifth season, Feimster is breaking out with a recurring role on Life in Pieces, and an upcoming part in the Jennifer Aniston film Office Christmas Party, among others. Although Feimster is having a moment, she's no stranger to the comedy world.

The Mindy Projects Fortune Feimster Is Engaged—and Mindy Is Set to Officiate

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Top 10 Best Mindy Project Moments

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The Mindy Projects Fortune Feimster Is Engaged—and Mindy Is Set To Officiate

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Awkward Pick Up Lines • The Mindy Project on Hulu

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The Mindy Projects Fortune Feimster Is Engaged—and Mindy Is Set to Officiate don't remember seeing

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'The Mindy Project's' Fortune Feimster on Colette's "Weird" Evolution

  • We don't look alike, we don't sound alike, but the love is definitely there.
  • Beth Grant's a very personable person and we're both from North Carolina so she immediately took me in, so that made me feel better and Mindy was lovely, and I had already talked to her on the phone.
  • They'll reel us in.
  • And I pop up on Life in Pieces a little bit here and there and just little things, but yeah, it's in between our shooting schedule because with Hulu, our schedule is not the same as network.
  • Beth Grant's a very personable person and we're both from North Carolina so she immediately took me in, so that made me feel better and Mindy was lovely, and I had already talked to her on the phone.
  • So they look out for us too.

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The Picture The Mindy Projects Fortune Feimster Is Engaged—and Mindy Is Set to Officiate thought

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'The Mindy Project's Fortune Feimster and her girlfriend are engaged

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'The Mindy Project's Fortune Feimster and her girlfriend are engaged

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The Mindy Projects Fortune Feimster Is Engaged—and Mindy Is Set to Officiate

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Havent The Mindy Projects Fortune Feimster Is Engaged—and Mindy Is Set to Officiate shot post

The Mindy Project's Fortune Feimster Is Engaged — and Mindy Kaling 'Will' Officiate Her Wedding!

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Officiate Projects to Is Is Mindy Mindy Engaged—and Set Fortune The Feimster

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