Something Old, Something New Ideas To Incorporate Into Your Wedding


The Victorian era English saying Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe is a good luck tradition that many of you will follow on your wedding day. Its such a sweet and creative way to add a little extra meaning and magic to your wedding! Heres a bit of background on the sentiment behind each part of the saying, so you can think about what it means to you, and interpret it in your very own way.

Something old signifies a connection to the past, including your family values and family history.

Something Old, Something New Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

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Lily's - Something old, new, borrowed, blue

Something Blue: 10 DIY Blue Ideas For Your Wedding Day

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Something Old, Something New Ideas To Incorporate Into Your Wedding

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Something Blue: 10 DIY Blue Ideas For Your Wedding Day


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Something Old, Something New: Ideas for the Bride

  1. Buy new earrings or a charm for your charm bracelet that can be passed down to your daughter or another important relative in your life.
  2. Something borrowed denotes the respect you have for others who have been role models in your life.
  3. Use a pearl handled knife or decorative cake cutter that youve borrowed from a friend or put your parents cake topper on top of your cake.
  4. Something blue is a sign of fidelity and true love.

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Something Old, Something New Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Wedding just

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... Need ideas?

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... Need ideas?

Something old

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Something old

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“Something Old”

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“Something Old”

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Something Old, Something New Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

100 Sentimental Wedding Ideas You'll Love

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The Wedding Tradition of Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

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A Comprehensive Guide of Ideas for Your “Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue”

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Incorporate Wedding New Into Something Your Old, to Something Ideas

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Something Old, Something New Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

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