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  • A Stunning Garden Wedding in Santa Barbara

    A Stunning Garden Wedding In Santa Barbara

    Contact 39 Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties Rather than hopping all over the Internet, please bookmark this resource list of some of the well-known wedding venues in the Santa Barbara and Ventura County areas. At the bottom of the page, you can download this same list in printable PDF format, with all the phone numbers and addresses also listed.

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  • 26 Elegant Calligraphy Ideas For Your Wedding Day

    26 Elegant Calligraphy Ideas For Your Wedding Day

    Nail art is just the thing to elevate your manicure. Similarly, a bit of glitter or embellishment will draw even more attention to your ring and make your close-up wedding photos even more striking. Get some inspiration for your bridal manicure with these gorgeous nail art ideas..

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  • Vogue Williams Is Engaged and We Can’t Stop Staring at Her $200,000 Engagement Ring

    Vogue Williams Is Engaged And We Can’t Stop Staring At Her $200,000 Engagement Ring

    Spencer Matthews Spencer Matthews  has come a long way in just one year. The reality show star, who rose to fame as the eligible yet untrustworthy bachelor on Made in Chelsea, is due to be married and is expecting his first child with Vogue Williams. On Made in Chelsea, the reformed bad boy dated several women over the course of the show, including Caggie Dunlop, Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson — and the relationships didn't tend to end amicably!.

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  • Rose Leslie Refuses to Let Kit Harington Spoil Game of Thrones for Her

    Rose Leslie Refuses To Let Kit Harington Spoil Game Of Thrones For Her

    really wanted to see the strangers tits I dont have enough friends for that this dude is byracial Yannekaz5 it men's he's half black and half white Whats that Two used up whores here. who was the one in white panties i wish my friends would do this for me Best shit I've seen in a while, btw who's the girl who isn't listed. I love a woman who licks the balls too. YEs BAby Going slower doesnt do anything but builds up..

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  • Elton John Recalls When Prince Harry Told Him That He Was In Love With Meghan Markle

    Elton John Recalls When Prince Harry Told Him That He Was In Love With Meghan Markle

    The real competition right now is who's going to be invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. Everyone who is anyone in Britain is angling for an embossed royal ticket. British heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua, who is seeking to add two more world championships to the three he already owns, says he would be happy to interrupt his high-level training for a trip to Windsor Castle on May .

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Khloe Kardashian Threw an Over-the-Top Baby Shower in Los Angeles

Other than that brief period on Game of Thrones when she dyed her hair black, the lady of Winterfell never strays from her signature red color.