Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry: Everything You Should Ask For


Ceramic Platters at KirstenBassion. We also wanted our gift registry to reflect our shared environmental values. With a little research we were able to find so many great alternative gift ideas, s With a little research we were able to find so many great alternative gift ideas, some of which I am excited to share with you in my first Eco-Friendly Friday post.

I believe that one of the best ways to be eco-friendly is to support local businesses and artists, as this reduces the travel distance of your gifts, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry: Everything You Should Ask For

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5 INCREDIBLE Eco-Friendly Life Changing Inventions

21 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Planner

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry: Everything You Should Ask For

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21 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Planner

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The Basics

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The Basics

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5 Easy Ways To Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle ♻

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  1. What could be more eco-friendly than requesting contributions to your favorite charity in lieu of gifts?
  2. Perhaps there is a local potter that makes the best dish sets, or a glass-blower who makes unique drinking glasses?
  3. Since we are trying to build up our garden, we requested potted plants and gardening materials.
  4. What could be more eco-friendly than requesting contributions to your favorite charity in lieu of gifts?

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry: Everything You Should Ask For

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry: Everything You Should Ask For

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry: Everything You Should Ask For

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Ask Eco-Friendly You Wedding For Registry: Should Everything

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Registry: Everything You Should Ask For

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