Do You Really Need Save-the-Dates?


Don't Make These Save-the-Date Mistakes If you're going to give your guests a heads up, you might as well do it right. Your first step is to send a save-the-date card aka the pre-invitation that officially announces your wedding date and lets your guests know they should clear their calendars. But you have to do it right. Below, find out what mistakes not to make while giving your guests the heads up.

Do You Really Need Save-the-Dates?

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How Early Do I Send Save The Dates?

Do I need to send out save the date cards for my wedding?

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Do You Really Need Save-the-Dates?

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Do I need to send out save the date cards for my wedding?

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Do You Really Need Save-the-Dates? editorial:

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Don't Make These Save-the-Date Mistakes

  1. By including the actual names of every intended guest on the envelope, you're less likely to have any assumed invitees like your second cousin's new boyfriend , or general confusion is your 7-year-old niece invited?
  2. Gifts, of course, are not required.
  3. What are Save the Dates You are planning your wedding, and considering your stationery needs
  4. On the other hand, while you can keep it simple, you can also really add in a lot of useful information if you have it.

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Save the Dates: why, when, and how it's done

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Save the Dates: why, when, and how it's done

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6 Mistakes Of Sending Save The Date Cards

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Do You Really Need Save-the-Dates?

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