Demi Lovato Helps Friend Stage Proposal At Her Concert


Find Demi Lovato tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos. Unfortunately, we did not detect the Flash plug-in on your browser. Installing Flash will let you play content on the site. While Lovato isn't the only star to help facilitate a proposal on stage Adele, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce and Katy Perry are also members of the club , this concert was one for the books.

Crone took Owen by the hand, opened up about his love for him, got down on bended knee and proposed.

Demi Lovato Helps Friend Stage Proposal at Her Concert

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David and Lauren's Near-Perfect Proposal - THE X FACTOR USA 2013

Demi Lovato Helps Friend Stage Proposal at Her Concert

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Demi Lovato Helps Friend Stage Proposal At Her Concert

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Demi Lovato Helps Friend Stage Proposal at Her Concert

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Demi Lovato Getting Emotional During Proposal

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Demi Lovato Helps Friend Stage Proposal at Her Concert Suzuki Takayuki jacky's

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Demi Lovato Helps Pal Stage Proposal at Her Live performance

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Demi Lovato Helps Pal Stage Proposal at Her Live performance

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Demi Lovato Helps Friend Stage Proposal at Her Concert

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Demi Lovato Helps Friend Stage Proposal at Her Concert anyone seen

Demi Lovato helps friend get engaged onstage

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Lovato Proposal Her Demi Friend Helps Concert at Stage

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Demi Lovato Helps Friend Stage Proposal at Her Concert

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