Ciara Is Receiving Some Backlash After Telling Unmarried Women To Level Up


Leave a comment Source: In fact, several days out of the week, I feel like it only rewards a participation ribbon. The truth of the matter is, marriage takes work. And for whatever reason—whether the church taught us by way of the archetypal Proverbs 31 woman, or society influenced us by way of the Real Housewives of whatever city trope—there is a large population of people, both men and women, who believe and feel as if becoming a wife marks the pinnacle of womanhood.

When a man understands his role in a marriage as a husband, he is looking for a woman who will honor both his and her role as well.

Ciara Is Receiving Some Backlash After Telling Unmarried Women to Level Up

While marriage is good, it is a temporary earthly institution that God gave to Adam and Eve in the beginning. There will be no marriage on earth after the Second Coming with the new heaven and the new earth. The Christian church preaches about the present state instead of the future state where Christians will be single and will find their fulfillment in Christ instead of with an earthly spouse.

The Christian church needs to acknowledge that marriage is an interim institution on earth and preach that singleness is good and is Biblical.

Why are we mad at Ciara?

Ciara Causes Twitter Storm After Sharing Inspirational Marriage Message

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Ciara Is Receiving Some Backlash After Telling Unmarried Women To Level Up

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Ciara Causes Twitter Storm After Sharing Inspirational Marriage Message

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Ciara Respond To The Backlash Of Her "Level Up" Message To Women

Christian Church Must Recognize Marriage Is Temporary

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Christian Church Must Recognize Marriage Is Temporary

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Ciara Is Receiving Some Backlash After Telling Unmarried Women to Level Up Nicolas'

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Ciara Responds to Backlash After Telling Single Women to ‘Level Up’ to Find a Husband

  • It is my earnest plea that you understand what I am trying to say, though—God said that you are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm
  • Eastern civilization idolizes the family and makes everything revolve around it.
  • Too many people are either single and waiting for the perfect man instead of enjoying their life or either unhappily married because that was the first and only man willing to marry them at the time, so they settled and are miserable.
  • She said nothing wrong.
  • Single Christians must recognize this as they decide if they want to get married by realizing that Christianity teaches it is good to be single.
  • But their is a path to getting their for those that do.

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Ciara Is Receiving Some Backlash After Telling Unmarried Women to Level Up metal visible the

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SORRY CIARA: Telling Single women to get filled with the ‘Pick Me’ spirit is for the birds

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SORRY CIARA: Telling Single women to get filled with the ‘Pick Me’ spirit is for the birds

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Ciara Responds to Backlash After Telling Women to ‘Level Up’ and Get Married

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Ciara Responds to Backlash After Telling Women to ‘Level Up’ and Get Married

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Up Some Telling Ciara After to Unmarried Is Receiving Women Backlash Level like unusual items

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Ciara Is Receiving Some Backlash After Telling Unmarried Women to Level Up

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All Ciara Is Receiving Some Backlash After Telling Unmarried Women to Level Up two pairs

Ciara faces backlash for reposting video about marriage and advising women to “level up”

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Some to Women Receiving After Unmarried Ciara Is Level Up Backlash Telling


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Ciara Is Receiving Some Backlash After Telling Unmarried Women to Level Up

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