A Stunning Garden Wedding In Santa Barbara


Under a brilliant blue sky, Santa Barbara based photographer  Melissa Musgrove Photography  captured each flawlessly executed detail, the luxurious fashion and every sweet moment between the bride and groom. Kathryn and Michael The Wedding: I wanted to have a spectacular day oozing with romance on the California coast—there is nothing in the world like it!

We wanted a venue that allowed for both the ceremony and reception to be outside so we could savor the views as long as possible. Additionally, it was important to create a personal, private ambiance for our guests.

A Stunning Garden Wedding in Santa Barbara

Contact 39 Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties Rather than hopping all over the Internet, please bookmark this resource list of some of the well-known wedding venues in the Santa Barbara and Ventura County areas. At the bottom of the page, you can download this same list in printable PDF format, with all the phone numbers and addresses also listed. They also offer a terrace for the reception and cocktail hour.

This wedding will blow you away! Lisa and Jason’s Wedding Film at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, CA

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A Stunning Garden Wedding In Santa Barbara

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Our Wedding Resort in Santa Barbara

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Wedding Venue Prices in Santa Barbara

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Wedding Venue Prices in Santa Barbara

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Serendipity Garden Oak Glen California Wedding Venue

Wedgewood Weddings | Pacific View Tower Club

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Wedgewood Weddings | Pacific View Tower Club

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Santa Barbara Wedding Venues

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Riviera Mansion


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Santa Barbara Wedding Video

39 Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

  1. It includes ocean view guestrooms, including 18 luxurious suites, a heated oceanfront pool, and full-service restaurant.
  2. It was not a beaded gown but because high quality crystals were used, and only selectively, it had a lot of sparkle.
  3. Nestled in the heart of Malibu Wine Country, Calamigos Ranch, is the only destination for weddings both whimsical and elegant.
  4. My groom, sister, and especially my mom were all instrumental in helping to make decisions and offering opinions.

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Stunning Santa Barbara Garden

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Stunning Santa Barbara Garden

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Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners

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A Stunning Garden Wedding in Santa Barbara

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A Stunning Garden Wedding in Santa Barbara

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In A Stunning Barbara Santa Wedding Garden

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A Stunning Garden Wedding in Santa Barbara

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