A Bucolic Vermont Wedding


A shorter guest list can also mean more room in the budget for all those little luxuries. Boston-area wedding planner Gabrielle Stone has coordinated many small celebrations for couples in their 30s and 40s. Even with a time constraint, Stone says that typically she can find a location quickly that suits the couple. From private restaurant dining rooms to bucolic inns to cozy art galleries off the beaten path, there are a slew of appealing spots with the in-house expertise to pull off an intimate celebration with aplomb.

The atmosphere in the wine cellar is warm and enveloping, with plenty of style:

A Bucolic Vermont Wedding

Relaxing Spa Treatments Indulge in the ultimate relaxation at our luxurious Vermont spa , where we offer our guests a variety of bodywork options, such as massage, deeply therapeutic myofascial release and reflexology sessions. Our massage therapists can help alleviate aches or pains from travel or daily wear and tear. Shake Off the Winter Blues Get out in the fresh air and surround yourself with the beauty and tranquility of nature when you explore miles of walking and hiking trails in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Many hikers stay at Crisanver House and drive to various gorgeous nearby day hikes.

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A Bucolic Vermont Wedding

They had their ceremony at a round church and the reception at The Ponds at Bolton Valley. Fittingly, these two were also engaged at Bolton Valley during a ski trip. Bright sunflowers shone from the bouquets and navy blue bridesmaid dresses complimented the pops of yellow in such an elegant way.


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A Bucolic Vermont Wedding

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A Bucolic Vermont Wedding

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Abdi Wedding in Burlington VT

Snowshoe Around Our Expansive Property

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Snowshoe Around Our Expansive Property

Hip Vermont Summer Wedding

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Outdoor Wedding Venues in Central Massachusetts (MA)

  1. I knew I wanted my wedding to have a rustic-chic theme so we looked at several barns and venues for the reception.
  2. They had their ceremony at a round church and the reception at The Ponds at Bolton Valley.
  3. Go Skiing Did you know that Vermont boasts the longest snow season in the East?
  4. Winslow Farms Picking out the perfect pumpkin is the quintessential fall activity that everyone should experience!

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Wedding Gowns

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Wedding Gowns

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Wedding Gowns

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A Bucolic Vermont Wedding

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Bucolic  Wedding A Vermont

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A Bucolic Vermont Wedding

In fact, if you grew up in Charlotte in the 70s and 80s you probably remember many iconic stores that were in business — some that are still in existence today and some that are not.